Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tomb Ride Report

A nice day for November 23rd; 50, sunny and not too windy and just enough time to go out for a quick ride. I never get tired of this ride; there is nature, history, beauty, some easy hills and a great down hill run.
I rode across the Lawrenceburg Rd. "Lost Bridge" over the Great Miami River and am always on the lookout for bald eagles. There were none today but I did spot a couple of blue herons. The Great Miami is maybe a mile or so from the Ohio River at this bridge. At the point where the Miami meets the Ohio marks the Western edge of the old Ohio Territory and now the state line which runs due North and splits Ohio and Indiana.

I took a right on Bower Rd. and followed the Miami R. towards the Ohio R. and on the left is Shawnee Lookout State Park. The Indians used this site as a lookout and camp to see who was coming and going on both these river highways. I followed Bower Rd. which runs along the Ohio by the Duke power plant. This is called the Miami Fort plant because Fort Finney was built on the site after the revolutionary war to subdue Indians in the area.

I then followed Bower Rd. (where I get a glimpse of the Ohio
now and then)
until I see the limestone monument and tomb of our 9th president William Henry Harrison. He is Ohio's first and America's first president to die in office. He caught a cold and died 32 days later. The tomb itself is pretty cool. William and
his wife along with their son and family are buried in the crypt.

I then climbed up Cliff Rd. past Congress Green Cemetery where a whole bunch of early settlers are buried.

Cliff Rd. is my favorite part of the ride because once I get to the top I stop and gaze at the great view up and down the Ohio River. I then ride the roller coaster as Cliff Rd. turns into Dugan Gap and then fly downhill to Bower Rd.

There is really very little traffic on this route. There are some tractor trailers but they seem to know to expect bicycles. They generally slow down and pass with care.

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  1. One of my favorite "spur of the moment" rides!