Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1984 Centurion Turbo Project

I am not a winter person. One of the best things about moving from North East Ohio to the Cincinnati area is the short, relatively mild winters and usually clear roads until January. I have not ridden since the Sunday after Thanksgiving and now the roads are full of sand, grit and salt. I am not a big indoor trainer guy either although I did get the beast out and dust it off but I just couldn't bring myself to hook up a bike to it. I guess I could go out for a run but that just seems like so much work and a miserable way to get a little excercise.

So here is what I am going to do. I dragged a project bike out of the shed that I picked up earlier this fall. It's a 1984 Centurion Turbo 58 cm. It was their top of the line bike that year. It is just my size and will be a truly beautiful bike. It sports Champion #1 Cr-Mo tubing, chrome Suntour Pro dropouts, chrome crown on the fork and chrome ends on the seat stays. Matter of fact I think they chromed the whole thing and then painted it.

The bike is in fairly good condition with no dents or huge scratches.It is complete stock with the exception of the cheesy cranks. The Sugino Aero Mighty crankset that went with the bike are kind of pricey if you can find them. I have an old Shimano 600 crankset that I will install until I can find an original.

Gran Compe brakes and levers are anodized gold and the Suntour Superbe derailers will hopefully clean up nice. Anodized sealed Suzue hubs and Araya 700 rims are also original and will have to be trued and cleaned up as well. I will post more pictures after I get started.


  1. Nice, I have just now found your blog. I thought I was the only one that had one of them. Mine is an inch to small. nice blog.

  2. i own this bike in amazing condition 100% original if you have any questions

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  4. It is full chrome. I have stripped all my purple paint off and it's amazing!! Made it a fixed gear too. Going for first ride ever tomorrow after it's been sitting for over 6 years!