Sunday, December 5, 2010

NE Wayne Co, IN Ride Report

Nov. 28, 2010
It is becoming a tradition. When we gather at my parents house for Thanksgiving weekend my brother and I go out for a ride. We normally go South of Richmond where there are few nice hills and scenery. This year we decided to tour our old stomping grounds of NE Wayne Co.
We started out before noon on Sunday and dodged all the mad shoppers as we crossed 40 towards New Paris Pike and Porterfield Rd. Porterfield was the most scenic part of the trip because once we got past Middleboro it was all typical Indiana flatland.
We nixed the idea of passing through Whitewater where we both went to elementary school. All that is left of the school is a vacant lot.
So it was off to Fountain City, our hometown and the home of Levi Coffin, "The Grand Conductor of the Underground Railroad".
Since it was only 40 we stopped to warm up and have a cup of coffee at the old Mrs. T's, now the Village Inn or something like that. We then rode through town and past the places where we lived and played. It's funny how things shrink. As a kid I remember being so far away from our house which in reality was just a couple of blocks.
We then headed west with a little detour to hit New Garden Rd. and then on to Williamsburg. Not much has changed there either. They did keep the school which is now a community center.
We picked up the Cardinal Green Way for an easy ride back into
Richmond. They had just paved this section. There were no signs erected and I don't believe it is officially opened as of yet.
We got into Richmond and took "A" into Glen Miller Park and home.
A nice 36 mile ride on a beautiful day in late November.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good ride. Is the Cardinal Greenway open all the way to Muncie yet? I've got to get down there to ride that.

  2. I think it is paved to Muncie although I can't verify. I looked up there website and there is no updated information and probably won't be until the contractor has completed all work such as signing, benches and stop stripes. If you do ride the trail you need to get off in the Wayne Co. area; nice side roads, Amish and if you are real adventurous the highest point in Indiana!