Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1953 Frejus Touring Bike

1953 Frejus 10 Speed

This is a really cool old bike that my wife's uncle gave me. He saved his money and bought it in 1953 for $400, which was a pile of money in those days (and still is in my house).

It rides like a dream although I would never ride it too far as its 54 cm frame is too small for me. The rear cluster (15/23) and chain rings (50/47) is more of a racing set up so about one hill would kill me. It's one of those things that I will just keep and never get rid of.

Lightweight steel with chrome lugs, Campagnolo Gran Sport groupo, Frejus pantographed crankset, Ambrosio stem, alloy bars, Belilla brakes and levers, Ideal leather saddle, Frejus fenders, Pletscher rack and working generator lights.

I know it is in rough shape (the paint and chrome oxidized while hanging in a garage in florida) but there is just something cool about an old bike.


  1. That is a sweet bike! The fork has a great deal of rake. I bet it does ride nicely!

  2. The 1953 minimum wage was $0.75 per hour.

    At that rate, it would take 533 hours (13.3 weeks) to pay for that bike.

    I don't know that your uncle-in-law was making only minimum wage, but $400 was, indeed, a chunk-of-change in those days!