Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lawrenceburg-Dillsboro Station Ride Report

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We all met at Cyclops Bikes at 7:30 Saturday. The weather forecast was for a 10% chance of rain until after lunch. That's all we needed for a quick ride to the Laughery Creek and back before the shop opens at 10:00 (sharp).

We started down the levee and along the Aurora-Lawrenceburg trail. This is a great connector to Aurora and I can't imagine riding a bike down 50 to do the same thing. The trail had been cleared of all flotsam and debris but there was a fine coating of mud on the low parts. We traveled along the trail, through Lesko Park in Aurora and survived the short stretch of 56 to Laughery creek. That stretch of 56 has got to be the roughest road in the county even after the patch job. The bike trail or lanes along 56 can't come soon enough even though it is probably one light year away.

Immediately after hitting Laughery Creek Rd. it started to rain, steady. It was warm, about 65 so we weren't miserable, just annoyed. This road has great views of Laughery Creek and the low parts were covered with the same muddy film. We were all sporting brown stripes up our back sides. We decided to take a right onto Cole Lane to cut our trip short but missed it somehow. Being without a map (how can two boy scouts leave home unprepared?)we take a right onto 262 which took us close to Dillsboro. We crossed 50 and carefully zipped down the hill to Dillsboro Station and took a right onto South Hogan Rd. We followed Hogan Creek past our favorite dog to Chesterville Rd. We kicked it up a notch and followed Chesterville to Lower Dillsboro, through Aurora and then home.

We were all wet, covered with muddy drops and gave our bikes a well deserved bath. I have always been concerned about rain on past rides. I think next time I will be less so. Riding in the rain on a warm day was actually kind of fun.

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